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Serving the Columbia river Gorge.
Virus removal
Virus Removal
Computer repair
Hardware repair
Smartphone and tablet repair
Phone/Tablet repair
Robert L. Timlick
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Need a computer fixed?
$50 flat rate or $80 for backup of pictures, and documents. Any programs installed will have to be re-installed after the repair. So you will want to make sure you have the disc and key for them.
(This is a full restore of original computer operating system)

Also providing other technology needs such as home networking, sales, setups, etc.

If you would like to contact me you can IM me, or call 541-286-5208.
Virus removal.
Smart phone and tablet repair.
Set up and maintain in-house network.
Provide software/hardware troubleshooting and repair for Computer, and components.
Perform off-site networking, and computer repair, and maintenance for third party clients including installing switches, routers, and other network gear.
Perform hardware maintenance including testing and replacing components.
Perform software maintenance including updates, adding/removing programs, troubleshooting compatibility issues, and reformatting/reloading PC's.
Remove/relocate and rework workstations for various off-site clients.
Establish methods for diagnostics and repairs to maintain stability.
Organize jobs in order to expedite and optimize time spent on repairs.
Recommend hardware and software solutions and upgrades when appropriate.
Provide technical assistance to customers off-site, on-site, and over the phone.